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Any type of liquid/powder based personal and home care products.

  • Sustainability targets and carbon reduction
  • Savings in packaging & branding cost.
  • Significant savings in distribution costs.
  • Savings on transport and logistics cost. 
  • Potential savings in shelf space. 
  • Customer engagement. 

The standard size of the machine based upon two refill windows is 2ft x 6ft x 2.4ft. The size of the machine can be customised based upon requirements and the number of products.

The machine is designed to fit in smaller spaces with further optimization capability.

Recommended quantity to be filled at a time is maximum 1 litre

The machine is supported by a backend control panel that collects all types of necessary data in the dashboard which is visible to the clients.

The payment methods can include the followings: RFID cards, POS machines, Cash acceptors and QR payments.

The User interface can be customised to Urdu/English

Power consumption is under 700Watts.

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