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About Us

Our solution changes the way we supply and consume products

We are a dedicated team of environmentalists creating market-based solutions to scale impact. Our journey started from post-consumption waste management and sustainability retail which inspired us to create solutions for source-reduction of waste.

Davaam's Journey


Solar Power

Davaam Private Limited incorporated as a clean energy business. Installed solar on rooftops along energy efficiency business.


Energy Efficient Business

Establish a website (www.dvm.com.pk) as a one stop shop for energy & environment savings. Continued with solar rooftop & energy efficiency installations.



Establish a waste management as a separate business, handling 15 tons per day. Repurposed of waste through, Collection, Segregation & compositing.


Retail Shop & Refill Station

Invested in Zero waste shop display center but impacted by COVID. Developed Refill station prototype & utilize in-house engineer due to pandemic


Davaam Life Established

Pilot shampoo refill done at Davaam shop with Co-Natural. Davaam shop operated Aug 2020 to jul-2021. selling Eco-friendly products. Davaam life incorporated as separate company for refill & dispensing stations.


Karandaaz Fund

Davaam Life wins Karandaaz Green Innovation Challenge Fund.


Continued Success Established workshop & hired staff, Created sanitary napkin machine, hand-wash & cooking oil machines


CFA accelerator Davaam Life selected to be part of CFAPakistan! which helps us to unlock climate finance for low-carbon projects in emerging economies.

Our approach

Technology oriented

Our collective expertise in technology, automation, software and business development combined with our passion for environment drives our relentless pursuit for eco-based alternatives.


Omer Ghaznavi

Omer has over 15 years of experience in business development and finance, with a passion for environmental market solutions. A banker in his past life, Omer has spearheaded projects related to Waste-to-Energy and post-consumption municipal solid waste management in Pakistan achieving up to 70% of waste repurposing. He is an avid sports fan and hosted the only English sports show on FM89 for over 10 years. He has an MBA from CASS Business School, London.

Salman Tariq

Co-founder & CEO
Salman is a sustainability enthusiast who has worked at the cross roads of social impact and the energy sector. He has extensive experience in project development in renewable energy particularly waste-to-energy & Solar PV, materials recovery facility & waste recycling, and multiple eco-business startups. He holds an MPA in Energy & Environment from Columbia University.

Ayaz Shah

Head of Technology
Ayaz Shah is an innovator; he has over 25 years of experience in mechanical innovation related to energy management. He was one of the pioneers of IoT and utilizing digital technology to control and automate mechanical and electrical systems. He spearheads R&D and innovation for Davaam Life machines. He did his Bachelors in Electronics from NED University and is a gold card holder from Pakistan Engineering Council.

Bilal Alvi

Head of Distribution
Bilal Alvi has over 40 years of work experience in sales and distribution. He was one of the pioneers of introducing machine based instant coffee for Nestle Pakistan and handled various distribution and packaging assignments.

Urooj Joyo

Business Development
Urooj, an Economics and Finance graduate from IBA, serves as our Business Development Manager. With a background spanning social work, analytics, and economic project leadership, she is a versatile asset. Urooj's passion for financial economics is evident in her innovative contributions to our business. She collaborates with the CEO, offering valuable insights for project selection and sustainable growth.


Warehouse Manager
I'm a motivated and results-oriented professional who has swiftly adapted to the world of warehouse operations. My brief yet intensive tenure in this field has equipped me with the skills and drive to make an immediate impact on your team. With a keen eye for efficiency and a commitment to optimizing processes, I'm eager to help your warehouse thrive. Let's connect and discuss how I can contribute to your organization's success.

Ibrahim Bashir

Software Lead
Ibrahim Bashir is a Software Developer currently working as a Data Engineer. His decade of experience was focused on the intersection of Big Data, Machine Learning and IoT. His personal passion is to be a roboticist and at Davaam he is bringing our network to digital life. Ibrahim is a Fulbright fellow and has a Masters in Computer Science from Louisiana State University.

Hassan Haroon

Senior Software Engineer
Hassan is a highly skilled software engineer with over four years of experience. He has a deep passion for Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology. He also holds a noteworthy association with Google for Startups, where he actively contributes to fostering innovation. His technical expertise and dedication to cutting-edge fields make him a valuable asset in the software industry.

Adnan Ali

Associate Software Engineer
Hello, I'm Adnan Ali, an Associate Software Engineer with a passion for crafting digital solutions. With 6 months of hands-on experience as a MERN Stack Developer, I'm dedicated to continuous learning and am excited to be part of the ever-evolving tech landscape, where innovation and problem-solving are at the forefront of my career journey

Mohammad Affan

R&D Engineer
Muhammad Affan is an Electronics Engineer with a passion for robotics, automation, and IoT technologies. He has done is Bachelors of Engineering from Dawood University Of Engineering and Technology, currently playing his role as a R&D Engineer at Davaam Life.

Our Mission


Create tech enabled solutions to enable a sustainable future.


Meeting society's needs while preserving resources.


Enable consumers to make savings at every purchase.

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